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XDAO ‐ expanding multichain DAO ecosystem is built for a decentralized future. Behind this project stands a highly qualified team with a strong background in crypto. XDAO was successfully launched on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, HECO and is going to further expand into more blockchains. The main idea of XDAO is to allow people to create a decentralized autonomous organization of any size. XDAO is working on delivering a product that reveals the full potential of a company on a blockchain by providing it with all the tools they need for successful operations. For more savvy users XDAO can also be described as an off‐chain voting mechanism with on‐chain execution. The XDAO team are winners of the BSC Hackathon, HECO Hackathon and have received a grant from Polygon over the summer of 2021.

What makes XDAO different from other DAO builders:

‐ Modular Structure (everything you want to have in your DAO can be implemented through modules: Snapshot Integration, Timelock controller, voice delegation, etc.).
‐ Hybrid voting (Cheaper and faster voting).
‐ Direct Interaction with DeFi through Wallet Connect.
‐ DAO ecosystem where investors can come in, analyze, and invest in the most perspective projects.

Who can use XDAO:

‐ Venture Capital Funds.
‐ Asset Management Company.
‐ Public funds and foundations.
‐ Startups.
‐ DeFi projects.
‐ Freelance groups.
‐ NFT owners.
‐ GameFi Guilds.

What can be done with XDAO:

‐ DeFi project treasury team management.
‐ Salary treasury/marketing treasury for any blockchain organization.
‐ Grant program/bug bounty treasury.
‐ Investing in DeFi with mutual assets.
‐ Investing in NFT and GameFi.
‐ Charity.
‐ Joint participation in any Allocations, IDOs or Launchpads.
‐ Family treasury management and many other use cases.

XDAO project is boosted by XDAO Token that will be launched soon! You have a chance to participate in IDO that will take place in Q1-Q2 2022.

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