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DYOR Audit is proud to present 1-UP, a gaming platform that has been built by our highly enthusiastic team. The 1-UP Platform is currently in its BETA phase and will be open to the general public soon. We are enthralled to being able to build highly engaging games with excellent incentives for the amazing community.

We are in the works of building enticing 2D games that anyone in the world can enjoy.The bus doesn't stop there, we’re going much further than that. We’re constructing an interoperable, community-driven, highly engaging and incentivized global E-sports platform that will take over the world of gaming!


1-UP platform will feature its first game engine wrapped in a standard retro 2D skin. The idea is to allow for more than one graphical theme to be made available and to let content creators wrap the retro world engine with their own UI, level and character skins.

Game Modes Include:

Battle Royale:

10–100 player matches where 1 player or team will be the last ones standing. Rewards distributed between the top ranked players.

Arena mode:

Features 1v1 or 2v2 small scale levels for quick fight to the death matches. Winner takes all.

Team Death‑match:

5v5–50v50 rooms where the team that racks up the most kills wins. Winning team takes all.

We’re not just building a game — we’re building an entire gaming ecosystem and showing the world how it’s done right.